3 Chicory Coffee Side Effects: Is Chicory Root Safe

3 Chicory Coffee Side Effects: Is Chicory Root Safe

Before I get started, I just want to stress that chicory is safe to drink. The side effects we're going to be discussing today are either very rare or for people with certain conditions. So, there is no need to worry!

Anyway, let's get into the potential chicory coffee side effects, shall we?

side effects of chicory coffee

Potential Chicory Coffee Side Effects

Yes, I know I said we were going to get straight into it but, I wanted to stress again that there is zero need to get your head in a muddle over this. It's just better to be informed, don't you think? Knowledge is power after all!

Allergic Reactions

This one truly divides the crowd as the majority of people don't tend to have an allergy to chicory itself. Having said this, a fair few people have reported that they're allergic to ragweed and such; meaning they can't drink chicory coffee either.

If You're Allergic to Chicory Itself

While it won't kill you, it's best to avoid any interaction with the plant (no eating, drinking, touching, smelling, etc.) just in case a rash shows itself. I've never met anyone allergic to chicory so I can't say for sure how large the rash gets. But, at the end of the day, no one wants red and itchy skin, right?

If You're Allergic to Ragweed and Similar Plants

Okay, chicory coffee is not guaranteed to give you an allergic reaction if you have difficulties with ragweed and plants in the same family. However, it has been known to happen.

Again, it usually just ends in a rash but, like I said, who wants to be itchy?

Lowers Blood Sugar

This point only really affects you if you suffer from diabetes (type 1 or 2, chicory coffee doesn't take sides).

Yes, it can lower your blood sugar. Although, this isn't a sure thing. If you want to drink chicory coffee and you are diabetic then monitor your blood sugar closely. This way, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Overproduction of Bile

For those that don't have gallstones, this doesn't apply to you so just skip on through. For those that do have gallstones, you might want to take a little gander at this!

Chicory can indeed cause more bile than is necessary. While this doesn't really affect the average person, people who have gallstones need to be careful.

A Note For Pregnant Ladies

One cup of chicory coffee a day during your pregnancy is not going to cause any serious problems. However, if you consume an inordinate amount while you're carrying, it could start menstruation or increase your risk of a miscarriage.

Similarly to pregnancy, when you are breastfeeding your baby, try to ingest a lot of chicory coffee as this could cause them problems. In some cases, I've seen babies come up with a rash (like those who are allergic to ragweed) when their breastfeeding mum has consumed too much.

A Note For Those Who Require Surgery

Chicory might (emphasis on the word "might") cause your blood sugar level to decrease. In turn, this could prove very difficult while you're in surgery as they will have to work harder to regulate it. It's best to stop taking it as soon as your surgery is booked in (preferably 2 weeks beforehand).

The Bottom Line

I'll say it again for the people at the back — chicory is incredibly safe and incredibly healthy for you to drink. Only a select group of people who suffer from certain allergies or conditions that can be affected. So, if you don't have an illness or allergy that we've spoken about today, go ahead and reap all the benefits of chicory coffee!

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